ERICO Lightning Protection

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British Safety Council
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ERICO® lightning protection, grounding, bonding and surge protection

ERICO® Electrical Grounding, Bonding and Connectivity products provide an integral approach for lightning protection, grounding, bonding and surge protection.

We are a leading design, installation, testing and maintenance partner

The Bailey Lightning Protection team are a leading design, installation, testing and maintenance partner for ERICO® lightning protection products, with specific expertise in:

  • Lightning protection products, including System 2000/3000
  • Exothermic welded electrical connections that will never loosen, corrode or increase in resistance
  • Grounding and bonding systems, including ground rods, ground enhancement material and signal reference grids, providing the safe dissipation of energy
  • Low-voltage, space-saving components for electrical panels delivering proven reliability and time-saving benefits
  • Surge protection devices to protect against damaging electrical surges on power and communications lines caused by lightning, industrial machinery, and other switching events

ERICO® systems backed by Bailey Lightning Protection design, installation and maintenance expertise

We deliver expert structural and electronic ERICO® based systems that conform to current legislation and in compliance with the European Standard BS EN 62305 - protection against lightning; BS 6651:1999 - protection of structures against lightning and BS 7430 – the code of practice for protective earthing/grounding.

Coupled with our unrivalled installation, testing and maintenance capabilities, we are becoming the preferred supplier for ERICO® lightning protection solutions amongst many blue-chip multi-national organisations.

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